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The Panelling Centre reveals Irish homeowners’ biggest kitchen regrets

Nov 16, 2022 | General News

The Panelling Centre reveals Irish homeowners’ biggest kitchen regrets

Lack of storage, poor layout and poor materials are just some of the most common kitchen mistakes

  • 83% say they made changes to their kitchen when moving into their home
  • 46% say designing their kitchen was the biggest challenge they faced when renovating
  • 23% are unhappy with their current kitchen layout
  • Kitchen layout, lack of space, and using poor materials are just some of the biggest regrets
  • 82% say they would consult an expert next time to help when renovating their kitchen

It may be the heart of the home but new research from The Panelling Centre reveals that when it comes to renovating our kitchens, many of us are living with some kitchen regrets. The research of 475 homeowners reveals that 83% made changes to their kitchen when moving into their home with 46% saying it was the biggest renovating challenge they faced.

Despite the majority making improvements to their kitchen, almost a quarter say they are unhappy with their current kitchen layout and 82% say they would consult a professional if they were redoing their kitchen in the future.

Regrets, I’ve had a few

According to The Panelling Centre research, the top 5 kitchen regrets are

  1. Not allowing for adequate counter or storage space
  2. Poor layout and functionality of the kitchen e.g. not enough sockets in the kitchen
  3. Selecting poor materials for the build
  4. Incorrect kitchen counter heights
  5. Choosing the wrong colour scheme


Room for improvement 

Homeowners were also asked what the one thing they would change in their kitchen if they had the chance. 61% say better storage is the top item they would change to include better cupboard layout and more integrated storage solutions. While it was not listed as a top five regret, a fifth say they would change their flooring and 22% say they would add in better lighting.

Commenting on the findings, Anthony Ridgeway, General Manager from The Panelling Centre said: “The kitchen is one of the most important and personal rooms in anyone’s home so it’s no surprise that so many of us want to put our own stamp on it when we move house. However, before undertaking any redesign of your kitchen whether it’s a full-scale renovation or some small upgrades and improvements, it’s always a good idea to really think about how you use the space and what you want to get out of the space before starting any work. You don’t want to make any potentially costly mistakes or be disappointed with the final result afterwards. At The Panelling Centre, we offer free design consultations at our branches nationwide and our expert team can advise on all aspects of kitchen design from layout to tailoring the kitchen to suit your own specific needs.”

The Panelling Centre’s top tips to avoid Kitchen Regrets: 

  1. Look at how you use your current kitchen space and take this into account when making changes
  2. Make a list of what you like and dislike about your current kitchen layout
  3. Take into account any particular needs you have e.g. do you have pets? Does your kitchen have any specific accessibility requirements?
  4. It’s important to compose a functional plan. Sockets and plumbing need to be located in the right places at the very start.
  5. Establish a realistic budget and buy the best products your budget can afford. Remember, get the layout right, you can always upgrade to luxury surfacing materials later.
  6. If budget is tight, a reface of your existing units can feel like a new kitchen. Consider doors, worktops, sink and tap, handles. Our expert team can discuss how to give your existing kitchen a makeover with some clever changes.


For more information about clever kitchen solutions, customers can visit to locate their nearest branch or do a walkthrough of the showroom virtual tour. All branches nationwide (Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Clare and Galway) have extensive showrooms that are open to the public, either drop in to browse the wide range of kitchens available or book an appointment online to meet with an expert designer.

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