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Chadwicks Group partners with to help homeowners navigate the retrofit process

Jul 24, 2023 | General News

Chadwicks Group partners with to help homeowners navigate the retrofit process

New platform will provide homeowners with information on the building materials they need to get the job done

Key findings

  • Three quarters (76%) of homeowners have or plan to make their home more energy efficient.
  • Almost half (45%) say reducing energy bills is the main reason for carrying out a home upgrade.
  • One in five (22%) admit they’re not familiar with government SEAI grants for funding home improvements.
  • 64% say the BER rating of a property is a key consideration when buying a home.
  • Chadwicks Group partners with Eco Builder Harrison Gardner to launch Ireland’s most comprehensive retrofit platform

Three quarters (76%) of Irish homeowners have, or plan to make their homes more energy efficient That’s according to new research* by Chadwicks Group, Ireland’s leading builders’ merchants. Reducing energy bills (45%) is the key reason for homeowners carrying out work followed by making a home warmer for the winter months (30%) while 16% say they want to make their home more environmentally friendly.

Of those who have recently made improvements to their home, more than half (54%) insulated the attic, 41% switched to more energy efficient lighting and 26% insulated external walls. Those who plan to carry out work in the near future are also planning similar upgrades. However, a third of those planning to carry out work also say they want to add solar panels to their home.

The research examining attitudes of homeowners towards retrofitting was carried out to launch Chadwicks Group’s partnership with – Ireland’s most comprehensive retrofit platform which gives homeowners free, personalised advice on how to upgrade their homes’ Building Energy Rating (BER). houses everything you need to know about retrofitting and offers very specific advice based on the details of an individual’s home and tailored to their budget. It begins by identifying where the home is deficient and then provides a clear set of options regarding what work to carry out to improve the home’s BER including detailed costs estimates information on available grants and other savings that can be achieved.

The platform makes it easy for those planning work on their home to optimise their budgets and get the best value when it comes to improved energy performance and the maximum available grants. It will also estimate the energy and mortgage savings per home after the work is complete, and the increase in the property’s value.

As part of the partnership, visitors to the site will be provided with a detailed breakdown of the materials required to get the job done from Chadwicks. They can also book a free appointment with a member of the Chadwicks team to come into their local branch or avail of an online or phone consultation to receive expert advice on the options for their home as well as the best products and materials required. Finally, the platform will connect users with local SEAI approved contractors.

BER Rating knowledge  

More than three quarters of homeowners (76%) are familiar with BER in relation to homes, while 8 in 10 (80%) are familiar with the term retrofit. 63% are aware of the BER of their own home, while just over half (52%) have had a BER assessment.

Ensuring the home is considered energy efficient (51%) is the top reason why homeowners get a BER assessment, followed by learning how to improve a home’s energy efficiency (41%). Costs come into play for almost three in 10 (29%), who consider the potential to save money the most important factor. When it comes to buying or building a home, BER is a consideration for almost two thirds (64%) of potential buyers.

Costs and uncertainty top the barriers to home improvements

When it comes to reasons not to carry out retrofitting work, cost is the main barrier for almost two thirds (64%). Uncertainty also comes into play, with a quarter (25%) unsure of what work would deliver the best impact, and 17% admitting they don’t know where to start.

Homeowners are missing out on crucial government grants

With cost being a major factor in deciding whether to carry out upgrades to the home, the Chadwicks Group research found that homeowners could be missing out on thousands worth of government grants. One in five (22%) admit they’re not at all familiar with government SEAI grants, while almost half (49%) say they’re only slightly familiar. When asked how they funded work to their home, just 22% availed of a government SEAI grant. 61% used their savings, while 23% went to the bank or Credit Union for a loan.

Launching the new partnership on behalf of Chadwicks Group, Eco-Builder and author of Build Your Own, Harrison Gardner, said: “I’m delighted to team up with Chadwicks Group to launch this exciting new partnership with This new website will provide homeowners across Ireland with clear, simple and invaluable advice for improving the BER of their home based on their budget.  The site offers everything you need to know about carrying out upgrade works to your home. There’s also an option to make an appointment with a member of the Chadwicks team in-branch or virtually to find out what products and materials you require to get the job done.

As a builder, I’m passionate about empowering people with the necessary skills and knowledge to upgrade their home to meet their needs, particularly when it comes to achieving higher standards for sustainable housing. This new partnership does exactly that. I’m looking forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on sustainable home upgrades nationwide.”

Patrick Atkinson, CEO of Chadwicks Group, said: “Our partnership with marks a new and exciting chapter for Chadwicks Group. We’re proud to partner with Ireland’s most comprehensive retrofitting platform which provides users with costed and grant assisted retrofitting pathways to achieve higher BERs for their homes.

Our research shows that for many homeowners, getting started on a renovation project can be daunting from understanding what upgrades will add the most value to what materials they require to get the job done. This platform has been designed to help demystify the process and arm people with clear, and concise information personalised to their own requirements. As the exclusive building materials partner, homeowners will be able to access to the full range of Chadwicks products to make it easier than ever to get the materials you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency – saving money and increasing the value of your home. There is also an option to make an appointment at your local Chadwicks team and meet with one of our experts who can advise on the best products and materials specific to each homeowner’s requirements and recommend local SEAI approved contractors.”

David Shiel, Managing Director of, said: “At, we are delighted to announce Chadwicks, the country’s largest building supplier, as a headline partner on our platform. Chadwicks’ passion and expertise in this area perfectly aligns with our mission to drive significant increases in the number of retrofits being undertaken in line with the government’s Climate Action Plan. provides simple to understand, tailor-made, advice regarding the upgrade options suitable for every home and budget.

It is a free to use, unbiased, service which identifies the specific energy deficiencies of each home based on the contents of your BER data or our predictive model if you have no BER. As part of our partnership with Chadwicks, we are launching the option to book a free in-store or virtual consultation with the Chadwicks team through This is a totally unique offering providing homeowners with invaluable insights and guidance for their retrofitting projects, helping them make informed decisions about the most suitable materials and connecting them with SEAI approved contractors who can complete the grant-qualifying work.”

For more information and to try out, visit

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