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Sandra O’Halloran Q&A

Oct 15, 2019 | General News

Sandra O’Halloran Q&A

Q. What is your name and how long have you been working for Chadwicks?

My name is Sandra O’Halloran. I’m a General Operative (GO) for Chadwicks and I’ve been working here for almost three years.

Q. How did you originally apply for your role?

I had heard good things about the organisation, so when I saw that Chadwicks were hiring someone for their reception desk I decided to apply for the role, and I got the job!

Q. What roles have you had since you joined?

After I had gained some experience at the reception desk, I started a six-month course in stock control. That took place two days a week and I found that it helped me a lot in my role at the reception desk because I gained a better knowledge of the product range. I went back to my full-time role at reception after that, but when the opportunity arose to become a GO, I decided to take it, and the training I received in stock control definitely helped with that change.

Q. What attracted you to move to the GO (General Operative) role out in the yard?

Being a GO means that you can talk to customers and get to know them and their needs. Being a GO gives much more time to speak with customers who come into the premises, talk them through their order and advise them on any questions they may have. It’s very important to know the customers, particularly the regulars, so I was attracted to the GO role because I knew it would give me the opportunity to talk to them more often and to help them with their orders.

Q. Tell me about what you do in your current role as a GO for Chadwicks?

Customers come to me with their orders and I pick out everything that’s on their list. I pick orders out for both customers in the store and for deliveries. One of the most important things is to make sure that everything is accounted for in the order and that the customer is happy that they have everything they need. As a representative of Chadwicks, the key thing is to be there to help customers find the right products for their job.

I have other general responsibilities as well. I drive the forklift quite a lot and make sure that the yard is clean and organised. Something that’s very important is to always be aware of safety hazards and make sure that everything is put away properly.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the role?

I enjoy meeting different customers and getting to know them. In this role I can build relationships with them and I get along with the regular customers who come in. It’s easy to get to know them when you’re out in the yard helping them and talking to them all the time.

I also like the product training you receive as a GO. Learning about new and current products is a huge part of the role. My customers trust me and my advice, so I need to be able to give my informed opinion on new and current products to help them do their job properly, and that’s something I take very seriously.

Q. Have your previous roles within Chadwicks prepared you for your current job as a GO?

Yes, for sure, both when I worked at the reception desk and in stock control. Working in stock control was the most helpful thing because it gave me a head start in learning about the product range in the yard.

Q. What are the key skills you need to be a good GO?

Communication is the most important thing because you are always speaking with customers. Other skills I always use are listening, being able to take instructions, helping other colleagues, being able to follow health and safety rules, and making sure that the yard is always safe. Product knowledge is another key skill. Chadwicks places a huge emphasis on developing our product knowledge and making sure we’re up to date with the trends and new product lines. Product knowledge is a vital part of my job and it’s something I take great pride in.

Q. What would you say to anyone considering a GO role with Chadwicks?

I would tell them that if it is something they want to do, then they should just go for it. Chadwicks is an excellent company to work for. They have supported me through my job progression, and I look forward to progressing my career with them. If you ever need help with something you can ask anyone in the organisation, and if you have any problems you can always go and talk to your manager or supervisor. That creates a collaborative atmosphere and makes it a welcoming workplace to come into every morning.

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