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Oct 17, 2018 | General News

Top tips on planning your home renovation this summer

With property prices on the rise, many people are looking at revamping their current home rather than making the move to a bigger place. According to figures released by the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) in March 107,386 home improvement projects have been carried out via the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) over the last four years with homeowners spending on average, €16,187 on each project.

A home renovation project is a significant investment but when done right it can turn your house into your dream home without the hassle of moving.


With the summer months fast approaching, the extra hours of daylight make it the perfect time to embark on some building work to your house.

Getting started needn’t be a daunting task. The experts at building merchants Chadwicks & Heiton Buckley have put together their top tips on what to consider when embarking on any building work in your home.



1. Ask your builder if they understand your goal. Before starting any building work, be clear about what you want to achieve and make sure you ask your builder that they are clear on the scope of work. The summer months can fly by so you want to ensure there is no time wasted on chopping and changing your idea of the finished project. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your renovation? Maybe you want to extend your kitchen or living space or perhaps you want to add on a sunroom to catch the last of the summer rays. Having a defined goal in mind will allow you to better brief your builder. 


2. Ask your builder about the current laws surrounding permission and legislation. The summer can be a great time to consider adding a sunroom on to your property. If you’re planning on having this extend out into your back garden, make sure to ask your builder if planning permission is required for this build to avoid any disappointment. 


Unfortunately, summer time can also mean the increase in burglaries so many people opt to increase the height of boundary walls in order to safeguard their property while they are away during the summer holidays. This type of work may also require planning permission and it is best to ask your builder before commencing any building work. Installing CCTV and other recording equipment is another option to improve security in your home, with the onset of the new GDPR legislation it is important to ask your builder if you have permission to do so.


3. Ask your builder to thoroughly discuss the project budget with you: You should never start a building project without a budget in mind but it’s important that you also factor in unforeseen expenses. Even the best laid plans can sometimes go off budget so build a contingency fund into your project budget. This will allow you to cover off any additional expenses that may arise during your building work. Talk to your builder from the outset about your budget and be sure to keep the lines of communication open during the project so you are both on the same page.


4. Ask your builder if they have experience of carrying out this type of work and if they can show you some examples: Make sure to check if your builder has completed similar work before so you can get an understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of the project. It’s good to know what issues they may have faced in the past so you can try and avoid the same issues with your renovation project.


5. Ask your builder about their current workload. It is important to find out if your builder is working on multiple projects so you know how dedicated they are to your project. The summer can be a busy time for builders and you want to know when they can start your project and more importantly when it will be completed. 


6. Ask your builder about the different services they provide. You will need to ask your builder if they can draw your project plans for you, or if will you need to hire additional help such as an architect or structural engineer. Having a clear, concise and professionally drawn plan is key to avoid any structural issues that may arise. You will also need to know if your builder will provide a quantity surveyor in order to calculate the amount of materials needed for building work, and how much they will cost.


7. Ask your builder to recommend showrooms to visit: Visit reputable showrooms so you have a clear idea of the finishes you want for your project and what these finishes are likely to cost. This will save you having to make decisions at short notice in the middle of your build and also help manage your budget.


8. Ask your builder to keep the neighbours happy! It is important to ensure your building work won’t upset your neighbours and block their limited Irish sun. Ask your builder the level of disruption to expect in relation to noise, dust and general upheaval. After all you don’t want to ruin your neighbour’s annual barbecue.


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