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The Panelling Centre reveal why an organised kitchen design is essential for a healthy eating regime

Apr 7, 2021 | Press Releases

64% of the nation blame poor kitchen design for unhealthy eating, research finds

The Panelling Centre reveals why an organised kitchen design is essential for a healthy eating regime

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Key findings

  • Over a fifth of all respondents believe their kitchen is cramped and poorly designed
  • Two-fifths of the population don’t enjoy cooking in their kitchen, creating negative feelings towards home cooking
  • Minimal counter space and lack of storage are the main frustrations with existing kitchen layouts
  • 6 in 10 adults believe if they had more space and better storage, they would prepare healthier meals
  • Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed are considering investing in health-focused appliances to encourage healthy eating habits

Nearly two thirds (64%) of the nation believe their poor kitchen layout influences unhealthy eating habits, according to new research by The Panelling Centre

The survey of 1,047 people by The Panelling Centre, found that two fifths of Irish people don’t enjoy cooking in their own kitchen space as a result of inadequate kitchen designs. The new research was carried out to launch The Panelling Centre’s latest kitchen campaign to shine a light on the nation’s ‘Kitchen Health’.

Healthy Habits

With more time spent at home in the last year, there has been an increased interest in home cooking. Nearly two thirds (64%) of Irish people believe they would cook healthier and more nutritious meals if they had more counter space. When it comes to getting creative in the kitchen, over half (52%) of all surveyed revealed they cook all meals from scratch and use fresh ingredients where possible. Over a third of the nation admit they have a combination of freshly prepared meals during the week with a treat of a takeaway at the weekend.

With more consideration for health and wellbeing, there has been a rise in demand for healthy home cooking appliances. Nearly three-quarters of those polled said they would consider investing in health-focused appliances, such as a combination steam cooker or teppanyaki grill to encourage healthy habits at home. In 2020, the sales of steam ovens in The Panelling Centre increased by 141% in comparison with the same time period in 2019, proving that this health-conscious trend is here to stay.

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Introducing clever storage systems into the kitchen can also positively influence a healthy eating regime. Functional storage units such as wireworks and pull-out systems allow for clear visibility and easy access to produce, which in turns creates less wastage and encourages home chefs to get creative with their existing ingredients.

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More countertop space (36%), better kitchen storage for ingredients (36%) and a full suite of new appliances (23%) were listed as the main sources for inspiration when it comes to preparing healthier meals. Nearly two-fifths of all surveyed admitted a full kitchen remodel would inspire and encourage them to don the apron and get cooking for all the family.

Kitchen Frustrations

Despite the interest in home cooking, according to The Panelling Centre survey, over a third of the nation describe their kitchen negatively, stating they find it difficult to cook within their existing setup and don’t enjoy the experience. Of those who are unhappy with their current kitchen layout, nearly 40% revealed that the lack of counter space frustrates them as it can be difficult to prepare healthy meals from scratch. Almost a fifth of those polled admitted that the lack of storage in their kitchen is a barrier to healthy eating, while 1 in 10 are uninspired to cook due to the overall size of their kitchen. Not only do these frustrations discourage the nation to cook, but they also create difficulty when storing fresh ingredients and produce. As a result, the nation is more likely to reach for takeaways and processed food, than prepare a meal from scratch.

To prevent kitchen design from being a barrier to healthy cooking, The Panelling Centre has provided its top tips on what to consider when planning a kitchen layout. Whether it’s introducing convenient shelving or a full kitchen remodel, The Panelling Centre is on hand to provide expert advice all year round and offers a broad range of products that are in stock and readily available to order.

The Panelling Centre’s top tips:

  • Consider counter space

As lack of storage space is one of the leading frustrations in existing layouts, counter space is a crucial element to consider when designing a dream kitchen. Aim to maximise countertops when designing the kitchen space or introduce additional surfaces such as an island or breakfast bar that will create more countertops in the kitchen. Opt for durable and stain-resistant counters as this will provide longevity and allows for easy maintenance.

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  • Ensure generous storage

While the kitchen can often fall culprit to clutter, finding a home for appliances and tools can be a tricky feat. It is important to maximise space as much as possible within the kitchen. Simple organisational tips like installing cupboards over the fridge or making space for shelving units will allow for more space and a cleaner work surface. At The Panelling Centre, interior enthusiasts will find a wide range of clever storage solutions from wireworks to pull out storage systems that will utilise existing kitchen space and allow for more items to be stored accessibly. What’s more, the broad range of storage solutions are also available for retrofitting, catering to customers looking to update their existing kitchen space.

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  • Look to the future

Future-proofing is one of the most important elements of kitchen design. It is crucial to plan the kitchen so it can accommodate the homeowner’s changing needs. Choose appliances and items that will cater to the household’s needs not only in five years but in 15 years’ time! Space and seating are essentials, so it’s important to dedicate sufficient time and consideration when planning for these elements.

For more information about clever kitchen solutions visit  Customers can locate their nearest branch and do a walkthrough of the showroom virtual tour. All branches nationwide (Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Clare and Galway) have extensive showrooms that are open to the public through appointment only.

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