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Mar 26, 2019 | General News

Heiton Buckley, Ireland’s leading supplier of doors, floors, bathrooms, garden, plumbing and heating products has partnered with Seal Rescue Ireland to help improve its Intensive Care Unit.

Seal Rescue Ireland is an organisation dedicated to rescuing orphaned, sick and injured seal pups around Ireland. The organisation nurses them back to health in its dedicated rescue centre in Wexford before releasing them back into the sea.

Heiton Buckley in Gorey provided Seal Rescue Ireland with building materials to allow the Centre to create a new wall in its Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which needed repair and renovation. Prior to the creation of the built wall in the ICU, seal pups recuperating in ICU had to brave the elements as plastic sheeting was the only structure in place to protect them from the harsh coastal wind and rain.

Seal Rescue Ireland takes in approximately 150 seals each year and all seals who arrive at the Centre spend some time in ICU. Stress is a significant factor in the rate of recovery for seals, and stress related, high cortisol levels slow the recovery process. In general, when seal pups are placed in a safe, secure and warm environment they learn to eat fish much more quickly. The new wall reduces external stimulation from the elements, meaning all the pups’ energy can be conserved for recovering and gaining weight and ultimately a speedier recovery.

Commenting on the partnership, Jeshua Taucher, Outreach & Development Manager, Seal Rescue Ireland said: “The seals that are brought into the centre are emaciated, injured, ill and/or orphaned and quite often in a critical state. The old ICU wall which consisted of a large piece of black plastic sheeting, provided some, albeit minimal protection from heavy rains and blew around violently when gusty conditions swept into the centre from the Irish Sea. The new wall will benefit the welfare and rehabilitation of hundreds of seals that come through our centre over the coming years. I would like to thank Heiton Buckley Gorey for their support on this project.”

Robert Deacon, branch manager, Heiton Buckley Gorey said: “We are delighted to partner with Seal Rescue Ireland and provide materials for the creation of a wall in their Intensive Care Unit. The new built structure will hopefully contribute to the accelerated recovery of hundreds of seals across Ireland.” 





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