Cookies Policy

Use of Cookies – Chadwicks Group

Cookies are used to not only ensure our website functions correctly but also to enhance your user experience. They do this in the following way:

  • Improving the experience: Cookies help us to remember that you have visited our site before, therefore enabling us to be more personalised.
  • Research: sometimes we may ask you to participate in an online survey. An Independent market research company may place a cookie to ensure that you are not asked to complete the same survey more than once.
  • Analytics: Cookies help us to measure how our site is performing and which pages are most popular. With this information, we can keep improving our site and we can also ensure that we have the right stock of the right products.

None of the cookies used gather any personally identifiable data. They do not gather a person’s name or email address. Any data gathered in anonymised.


How to disable Cookies?

You can disable or clear cookies whenever you wish. The way to do this is specific to your own browser or please visit

Please be aware that by disabling cookies from your browser it may result in an inferior browsing experience and you may lose some useful functionality such as personalisation and ‘keep me signed in’ and ‘remember me’ features.